Thursday, April 23, 2009

Immigration Minute by Multnomah Monthly Meeting

Multnomah Monthly Meeting concurs with the Friends Committee on National Legislation that

The world should move toward becoming a global community that safeguards human rights and guarantees the economic opportunity of all people in their country of choice.

We thus believe that all persons who reside in our country should be treated with justice and equality which, at this time, too many in our state and nation are denied.

Many of those providing our food and clothing, building our homes, our bridges and roads, and caring for our children face arrests, raids, detention, deportation and separation from other family members. These U.S. residents contribute to economic, social and cultural life of Oregon, but live in fear and often isolation.

Our Congress has been unable to agree on a much needed immigration reform bill and our state is bitterly divided on how best to address the problem of undocumented immigrants.

In accordance with our Quaker testimonies Multnomah Monthly Meeting of Friends believes that at this time we should at least offer compassion and support for those in need. The Oregon New Sanctuary Movement, spearheaded by the AFSC and local interfaith groups, is presently providing shelter and legal assistance, as well as physical and emotional support, to immigrants in our area.

At our November 2008 Monthly Meeting for Business, the Multnomah Monthly Meeting recommended that we become a recognized member of ONSM, joining them in their work and in those activities as are in keeping with our beliefs and testimonies.

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