Monday, April 6, 2009

Customs and Border Patrol Officer Sues ICE for Violating Constitutional Rights

In an odd turn of events, a US Customs and Border Patrol officer is suing Immigration and Customs Enforcement for violating his constitutional rights.

CBP officer Jim Slaughter has said that he and his wife were doing laundry last July when 5 ICE agents came to their house looking for a fugitive. The couple was forced to stand in their living room as the agents searched their house. It was not until Slaughter said "do you realize I'm a U.S. Customs K-9 officer at San Luis, Arizona?" that ICE agents retreated.

In March, Slaughter filed a lawsuit against U.S. DHS claiming a fourth amendment violation. He says he filed the suit because "ICE officials have refused to explain or apologize for the mix-up."

Unfortunately, most households whose fourth amendment rights are violated during ICE raids are not so lucky as to be CBP agents.

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