Thursday, April 9, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Stand Strong With President Obama

As I posted earlier today, the Obama administration has announced that it plans to pursue comprehensive immigration reform this year, even in these hard economic times. They are beginning to form a coalition of lawmakers, advocates, and people of faith who will create the political space for this bill to pass.

Nonetheless, anti-immigrant groups around the country are already taking action to rally phone calls, faxes, and emails to President Obama and the Congressional leadership. Just like they have in the past, they hope to shut down the Congressional switchboard with so many calls, as well as shut down all hopes of desperately needed reform.

The difference between the last two Congresses and this one is that there is strong and growing movement of people from all spectrums of our community who are standing for humane immigration reform. And we can make our voices heard.


1. Take one minute to call the Whitehouse and thank President Obama for moving immigration reform in 2009.
- For English, call: 866-584-3962
-For Spanish, call: 866-583-2908

2. Take 2 minutes to fax Senator Reid and Senator Pelosi to tell them to stand strong with President Obama and pass immigration reform in 2009.
-Personalize and send your fax by clicking HERE.

3. Join the FIRM Mobile Action Network by texting "JUSTICE" or "JUSTICIA" to 69866 to get updates and action alerts in English or Spanish to help us win immigration reform in 2009.

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