Friday, January 2, 2009

The Immigration Dilemma: A Six Week Series

The Immigration Dilemma is a six week series blog series designed to help you understand the immigration dilemma in the United States. The series is written by Alexandra Douglas, FCNL's legislative program assistant on immigration. She welcomes both your comments and feedback on the series. Enjoy!

"Week One- An Introduction
" introduces you to the debate as it is most frequently described in Congress and in the media.

"Week Two- A Nation of Immigrants: A History (Abridged)" provides you with a brief history of immigration in the United States to help you understand how we got to where we are today in the immigration dilemma.

"Week Three- Crossing the Legal Way: An Overview of the Legal Immigration System Today" guides you through today's legal immigration system to help you understand what it means to "get in line" and immigrate "the legal way."

"Week Four - Who Are "Illegals" and What Is Undocumented Migration?" breaks away from common misnomers about who the undocumented population is and defines how someone gets undocumented immigration status and what the most common factors pushing someone to migrate without status are.

"Week Five- Immigration Concerns: From Birthright to Welfare"
takes a look at some of the most common fears and concerns about immigration in the United States and responds to them from a perspective of contextualized history and an examination of values.

"Week Six- The Ins and Outs of Immigration Reform" steps back from our comprehensive overview of 'the immigration dilemma' and looks at what would be needed to create a workable solution to the broken immigration system that upholds our values and helps us move forward together.

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