Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rep. Gutierrez Speaks on NPR

If you haven't had a chance yet, I definitely recommend that you listen to Representative Gutierrez speak on NPR about the need for immigration reform. Yesterday, Rep. Gutierrez discussed the need for family reunification, humane enforcement, legalization, and regulation of future flows of migrant workers -- all components of immigration reform that will be addressed in his upcoming bill.

A few quotes of note:

"Well, I don't think people are buying a kinder, gentler enforcement. When you wake up in the morning without your dad or without your mom and key members of your family and you see the kind of fear and trepidation that exists in the community, there's no way to be kinder and gentler about this."

(In response to the question: Is it possible to have a civilized debate on immigration?) "That's a great question. Is it possible? I think it's necessary. It appears that sometime in February, early March, there'll be a debate on the Senate floor. Is it going to be nasty and mean? Sure, there'll be a lot of people who will use this as a wedge issue once again and bring bigotry and hatred back to the debate. But, you know, what? We have done it before and I think the health care debate is going to help us prepare for this one actually."

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