Monday, October 12, 2009

Detention Visitation Manual Available

An important new resource has just become available for people who are concerned about immigrants held in detention facilities around the country. The Detention Watch Network (DWN) has put together the Visiting Immigrants in U.S. Detention Facilities Manual. (For additional information on the Network's efforts on visitation, click here.)

This manual represents the hard work and careful consideration of numerous DWN members, and reflects their combined experience of years of visiting immigrants and asylum seekers in detention centers and jails across the United States. Anyone can use it. By visiting immigrants in detention, you can offer friendship, assist in advocacy, enable detainees to tell their stories, and create partnerships between those who are detained and lawyers, social workers, human rights organizations, and others on the outside.

If you are interested in building a visitation program in your community, this manual will provide you with information and guidance on how to do so. For more information, go to the Detention Watch Network's website.

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