Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Starting Up Again with a New Contributor!

Hello to all!

I'm very excited to be contributing to the It's Our Community blog this year. I have just joined FCNL as the new program assistant on immigration, human rights, and civil liberties. Feel free to take a look at the "About the Contributors" link for a bit of my personal background. As Congress returns from its recess following Labor Day, the Hill will be hopping and it will be interesting to see where the conversation on immigration is headed. As the debates on health care reform press on into the fall, it is likely that congressional discussions on comprehensive immigration reform (as well as climate change policy) may be pushed back in time. However, in the interim, there are a number of bills on the table that address specific immigration and detention issues. More information on those to come! The Monday blogroll will be up again starting this next week. Look for legislative updates, analysis, and interesting tidbits during the week as well!

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