Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reflection on the Immediacy of Detention

On a more personal note than my recent posts, yesterday I had one of those small, perhaps even mundane life experiences that reminded me of how the immigration issues that we grapple with on a policy level are still so close to home. I was walking near the Capitol with a friend, who is here on a work visa from India, when I casually suggested that we cross the street during a red light. He declined, seeing the police officers on the corner and reminding me that he could face deportation over such a small violation. His legal status in the United States was not in the forefront of my mind that day, but certainly was for him.

Now, such a small experience, of such little significance at the time, certainly pales in comparison to the suffering of those who currently reside in the United States' detention centers without legal representation or adequate medical care. However, my friend and those in similar positions may be one step away from that same experience. Traffic violations are the most severe charge for a significant percentage of detainees. On that same note, I would like to recommend a poignant film, "The Visitor," that addresses these issues. I hope you enjoy the trailer.

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  1. Enjoyed the trailer and will try and get my hands on the movie!