Monday, April 12, 2010

In Our Community: Immigration News

As Congress returns from recess, immigration advocates across the country are demanding real, practical solutions to the broken immigration system. Here is the news on immigration from Monday, April 5 to Monday, April 12. Enjoy!

Here at FCNL, we are keeping a close eye on the draft immigration bill in the Senate, co-written by Senators Schumer (NY) and Graham (SC). No legislative text has been released yet, but if Majority Leader Reid's recent statement is any indicator, this comprehensive bill will see the light of day soon. At a rally in Nevada that drew over 6,000 supporters, Senator Reid said, "We're going to come back, we're going to have comprehensive immigration reform now... We need to do this this year. We cannot wait."

The Supreme Court just made a landmark ruling on immigration. Lawyers are now required to tell their immigrant clients whether a guilty plea could lead to possible deportation. This should seem fairly obvious, but - under overly harsh immigration laws - pleading guilty to even a minor crime can trigger mandatory detention and deportation. We congratulate the Supreme Court's decision to uphold real justice and protect immigrants' rights.

The nation's broadest coalition of immigration advocates, the Reform Immigration for America campaign, finally took a public position opposing the fundamentally flawed 287(g) program. This program, which was condemned in a recent Homeland Security investigative report, allows local police to arrest anyone suspected of being an undocumented immigrant. The New York Times calls the 287(g) program "too broken to fix" and America's Voice has created this excellent video on how immigration enforcement is tearing families apart:

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