Thursday, December 17, 2009

Broadening the Scope of Our Vision

This reflection was written by Mike Huber, an FCNL constituent, in response to FCNL's Annual Meeting 2009 and the approval of an epistle encouraging Quakers to engage with American Muslims:

I see a connection between FCNL's outreach to American Muslims and the work FCNL is doing on immigration reform. After September 11, our nation has become preoccupied with the story of foreigners penetrating the security of our borders. We've become increasingly fearful of the "other." Our policies have emerged from this place of fear. We need to broaden the scope of our vision. We need to hear about the experience of our Muslim neighbors. We need to hear about the experience of Mexican, Filipino, Indian and Chinese immigrants. We need to hear about children and families. Once we know these stories, we will find our way to new policies.

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