Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Week: In Our Community

Immigration news and updates from Monday June 21 through Monday June 28.

On Thursday, President Barack Obama made his
biggest push yet to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation this year. During a bipartisan, bicameral meeting at the White House with nearly three dozen lawmakers, Obama told immigration stakeholders that he wants to wrap up the issue by the end of this year, or by early 2010 at the latest.

An unofficial policy change at ICE exhibits the new administration's approach to the immigration issue. Obama has issued a directive wherein undocumented immigrants who were swept up on minor misdemeanors such as fishing without a license, for example, are to be released from federal detention centers and told to show up for a court date instead.

In detention news, Justice Denny Chin of the Federal District Court in Manhattan, ordered the Obama administration to address a petition filed to address enforceable regulations in federal detention centers across the country. However, the new administration still has yet to file a response to Chin's request.

In a more personal story, Maria Luis, a Guatemalan immigrant mother of two, has finally been given custody of her children, after she was deported and forced to leave Angelica, age 1, and Daniel, age 7, in a foster home in Nebraska.

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